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Luxury knows no limit. It is not confined to the wheels we drive or to our drawing rooms and bedrooms. It has also reached the bathrooms.

We believe that where all the major aspects of our lives are governed by technology, why leave bathrooms behind? Hence, we bring in use, the latest technologies to bring together all these products. The final result, i.e. our bathroom products, displays the use of advanced German technology.




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The product features


High - tempered firing with hygienefriendly production process.

Use of finest raw materials - purified, tested and certified by R&D.

Use of advanced German technology with fully computerized controlled kiln.

Use of eco - friendly natural gas residues for better shine and Glossiness.

Our products

everything you can imagine is real

"Your Home"

is a reflection of your unique style and personality - re-imagine it the way it should be. Join us on this beautiful, shared journey in decorating the bathroom.

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creating the masterpieces for your,bathroom

table top basins

art wash basins

wall mounting basins

wash basin pedestal

wall hung

one piece water closet

water closet

urinal & pan